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Corporate Care

Childcare is always a common topic of conversation for young families in all parts of the world.  If you are working on improving your employee benefits, consider including a corporate child care option to help with one of the biggest challenges working parents face. 

Human resources teams in many different companies are working on ways to incorporate more family-friendly options and we are sharing some places to start.

Common Childcare struggles

  • Availability of high quality childcare providers

  • High cost of childcare overall

  • Work schedule vs childcare operator hours

  • Zero/limited back up childcare

As part of your employees benefit package as their employer you can help with this. A Spoonfull of Sugar Childminders can help you the employer as a corporate partner.

Why is this partnership an advantage?

Improve employee retention and job satisfaction

Reduction in absenteeism

Improves company reputation

New hire recruitment tool

Lets Talk!

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