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The Wedding Nanny

Children can help to make a wedding; however, during certain parts of the day - ceremony, meal and speeches - they are expected to be quiet & there is often little to no entertainment. This quickly causes disruption to your perfect day and stops your guests from enjoying themselves.


In short, if the kids are enjoying themselves, then their parents will also be having fun and are getting to let their hair down with friends and relatives they may not have seen for a long time. Which ultimately leads to your PERFECT DAY!

Allow your guests to relax and truly enjoy every moment of your celebration!

That's where we come in! At A Spoonfull of Sugar we offer on-site childcare for your most important day!


We bring all the supplies that we will need and do all the set up beforehand and so that when the children arrive, they are ready for a fun and safe child centered day/evening without disturbing your wedding events.


  •  A minimum of 2 qualified, fun, friendly staff for your wedding day. Completed, up to date and verified CPR, first aid, criminal record and child abuse checks.

  • Full insurance

  • A unique area set up with games, toys and activities. Based on ages, likes and interest.

  • All toys, games, activities, fun with staff covers any part of your day and help with feeding, changing sleeping.

  • Complete set up and clean up by our staff (30mins before and after event time)

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