A little about us and how we got started! 

Who are we? How do we choose our sitters? As parents and caregivers ourselves, when it comes to choosing childcare, we understand that you face one of the most difficult tasks that you are likely to encounter - trusting the care of your little ones to another person. We recruit by one important, but simple rule: “Would we entrust this person to look after our own children?” If there’s the slightest hesitation, we do not accept that applicant on our books. Whatever your requirements, we pride ourselves on our warm, caring, personalised service, we will always go the extra mile for you and we are experts in identifying exactly the right type of person to meet your needs.We are always there for you, throughout the entire employment of your nanny, we don’t just disappear the minute we have placed someone with you.


Sarah found that as a parent she was having a hard time finding quality care for her children for an event she would be attending. She ended up missing the event and started asking other parents what they do. She found that a lot of parents had little to no options and decided that she would do something about it. Sarah is an Early Childhood Educator and has worked in centres and homes as a nanny.


A Spoonful of Sugar Childminders now has over 20 staff members who are all interviewed by our team, and some very happy customers!


Our Philosophy


Children are unique, full of life, boundless in their energy, in their desire to learn and endearing 

in their innocence. They challenge us, they make us think, and most of all they make us laugh. 

This is why we enjoy our jobs so much.


Our goal, first and foremost, is to ensure that your children are safe in our care. We pride 

ourselves in working as part of a childcare team with parents. Therefore, it is important for all of 

us to be on the same page in terms of parental desires for their children and approved discipline 

methods. We will never, ever use any type of corporal punishment on a child. We use positive 

reinforcement, redirection, logical consequences and timeouts as necessary and developmentally 



We are big believers in free play. Children learn best when they are able to freely explore their 

world and express their own interests. We assist children in their exploration and guide natural 

learning through everyday activities and play. Our goal during free play is to be a facilitator, 

while keeping the children safe, and helping as needed. 


We also love to facilitate guided play, whether that be reading books completing crafts, 

introducing science as we go on a walk, or teaching math through a baking activity. Teachable 

moments are always weaved into our activities and free play.


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